Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Forever Friends

It's nice to have friends that last forever. We had a very nice visit with the Bookers, who we lost track of about 20 years ago. We first came to know them shortly after they were married 32 years ago. Fran found us by doing a Google search on my name and found our website. We corresponded a bit, and then got together on Sunday Aug 31. It was a great time together catching up and sharing experiences a feelings about various topics. There are a handfull of friends that will be friends forever no matter how much time passes. The Bookers are very much a part of that group.
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Friend Bob Bahling

Bob Bahling has become a close friend. It began as a home teaching assignment with the Church. Then he was in danger of losing his house, and we worked together to try and prevent it. We couldn't stop it from happening but have continued as friends since then. A month ago he had a triple bypass performed, and his health has never been the same since. He has had fainting spells and seizures, finally attributed to some of the meds he's been taking. Finally he has experienced kidney failure the cause of which has not been diagnosed yet. He was in intensive care until today. He still has to have vascular surgery once the kidney problem is straightened out.

I feel so badly for him. He was pretty healthy, or appeared so, until he had chess pains a month ago.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Well I did it. I bought a 2004 Toyota RAV4 to replace the Lincoln. I have really enjoyed the Lincoln but it hasn't been reliable for several months now. The Toyota is equipped with all the basic stuff and has a 5-speed manual transmission. It could fit in the Lincoln's trunk.
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Friday, August 22, 2008

Replacing the Lincoln

Well, I hate to have to do it, but it is time to replace the Lincoln. The past 6 months it has averaged $350 a month in repairs, and has gotten so I never know if it will start when I go somewhere. It has developed this problem that will cause it to not start. It happens once about every week. The dealer has been unable to duplicate the problem and can't come up with a possible cause. I guess I'll go shopping.
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Friday, August 8, 2008

Yahoo! is losing me fast

I am a member of the LDS Bipolar group in Yahoo!. Two weeks ago the group was hit with a virus that shut us down. We are still not up and running. I want to start up a new group, but the old group is available in Dogpile search. I'd hate to lose the ability for people to find us. Man Yahoo! has lost me on this one. I won't be a fan again. Haven't they heard of backing up their database for something like this? If it isn't up by Monday I think I will start a new group in Google Groups.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Helping People

I spent Monday morning at the Bahlings' home. She has been off work since June while caring for Bob, who had a triple bypass then. We completed the FMLA forms for her time off, and to keep her job available when she is ready to return to work. Got the forms over to the doctor for him to complete. I hadn't slept well the night before and was kind of wishing I could take a nap instead but left feeling pretty good. I always feel good when I have been helping someone else.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fishing At Mammoth

I had a great fishing trip at Mammoth this year. I was able to spend 5 days fishing on the stream with Nana and Grandpa Jack. We were the only family members there, everyone else had other committments. We did not see any bears but we had a coyote who claimed our camp spot as his own, picture Dances With Wolves and you'll know what I mean. He came down when we were eating lunch one day and we sent Nana out to scare it away! She must have been very terrifying because we did not see him the rest of the trip! There was enough water in the stream to catch plenty of fish, but without a full campground of family to help eat them we did not bring home as many as usual, just catch and release! Nana did pretty well, our early to the stream was usually around 9:00 am. She would fish awhile and then sit for awhile, she still caught plenty of fish. But, make sure you note that it was I who caught the biggest fish on the trip!!! We had a little trouble with Grandpa Jack's Easy-Up canopy. We tried for two days to put it up. We looked like real camping amateurs with this droopy canopy over the table. We finally asked some other campers to help us and it was up in no time, did we ever feel silly! We decided to call it the Easy-down! We tried to keep up with all of the usual camping traditions (fish dinners, homemade ice cream, camp pies, ice cream at Reds, etc.), but we only had one real camp fire. So, on the last day, Nana and I ended up making S'Mores over the gas stove after breakfast. They sure tasted good! However, our timing was very poor, the man from the trailer company had just walked in to replace the propane tank because it was empty! Just how do we explain how conservative we had been with marshmallow on our faces? It was good times for all, can't wait until next year! -- Kathy
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